David Williams-Bulkeley

‘Sorrento Lemons’ oil on canvas 12x14in



Born in 1973, David Williams-Bulkeley is a British artist who creates oil paintings that are painted directly in front of the subject. He has had several gallery solo shows of his work both in the UK and USA and has exhibited regularly with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The New English Art Club, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Columbia Threadneedle Prize and the Guild of Boston Artists.

“Since a child I have always been fascinated by still life paintings. Little windows of quiet observation that through their arrangement of colour and form can depict an individual comment on the transience of life and the march of time. I really enjoy going to the market and being excited by what food or flowers they have in or what might be in season. Tulips in spring, strawberries in summer or apples in autumn, there is always something to look forward to. I like the objects to have their own voice through the way the light touches them. I think one diamond looks better than many. After many hours of observation I delude myself that I have caught the moment and stopped the clock !” 


To contact David Williams-Bulkeley please email: davidwilliamsbulkeley@hotmail.com


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